Save the Whales by Using Jojoba Oil

24 Sep

The founders of Desert Whale were originally activists for the Save the Whales Campaign.  Once they learned that Jojoba Oil closely resembles the solid wax obtained from the sperm whale, spermaceti; they began to become very active in promoting the use of jojoba oil.  Desert Whale bean by harvensting native seed, and in 1986 purchased multiple farms in Hyder Valley, Arizona – part of the Sonoran Desert region convering 120,000 square miles in Arizona, CAlifornia, and Mexico. In 1999, Desert Whale became the largest U.S. producer and processor of jojoba, and one of the few companies in the world growning and processing raw materials for the cosmetic industry.

As part of this growth process, Desert Whale invested millions of dollars in rural communities, India reservations and land cooperatives in Mexico.  The company’s employment practices reflect a longstanding commitment to to native peoples and minorities, with a farm labor force consisting of 63% women and an average wage 36% above the federal minimum.

For a more detailed explanation of the connection between jojoba and the whales read the interesting article below by Laura Thomas of Castle Baths Spa Products.

Save the Whales

Save the Whale by Using Jojoba Oil

By: Laura Thomas | Posted: Jul 9th, 2009

Jojoba oil is more commonly known as a hair care ingredient, but it is primarily a natural skin care product that also provides benefits to the health of your hair.

Although natural products are generally more beneficial than their synthetic equivalents, it is important to understand that this is not always the case, and that the benefits of the natural substance have to be evaluated in terms of what they, themselves, contain, and how these ingredients benefit your skin.

It is not enough to simply descry the synthetic ingredients of most commercial skin care products, and state blandly that ‘natural is best’.  This is not always the case, and you must either prove the statement or not make it. To do that you should investigate the substances that the natural products contain and the make the case for them.

In the case of jojoba oil, we first have to qualify the term ‘oil’.  In fact, it is not an oil but a wax. Technically it is a liquid wax in structure, and once it has been hydrogenated it very closely resembles the solid wax obtained from the sperm whale, spermaceti.

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One Response to “Save the Whales by Using Jojoba Oil”

  1. desertwhale September 30, 2009 at 8:21 PM #

    Current Sperm Whale population ~1 million, before whaling began – 2.4 million!

    Factory whaling of sperm whales was discontinued in 1979, but they are still hunted from shore stations in various countries. Their flesh is considered inedible by humans, but is used for animal food, and their oil is used for industrial products. This is the animal with the largest brain in the world.

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