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What Women Want

30 Oct

In an interesting article by Happi Magazine, they explore the buying behavior of women.  Women are responsible for 85% of the purchases of consumer goods.  Here is a summary of the key trends:

• Green beauty is here to stay,
• Brand URLs are migrating to social networks,
• Anti-aging and mineral makeup SKUs are still big,
• Fabulous 40+ is the new standard of beauty and
• Trading down doesn’t mean trading out.

If you would like to read the whole article please click here.

Formulating for women is very important as they control the market.  In sticking with the trends, make sure to use natural moisturizers such as jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil, and sweet almond oil!

We’re already getting excited about In-Cosmetics in Paris next April!

29 Oct

Click on the image below to view our exhibitor profile!


In-Cosmetics Paris, Booth A90

Have you watched the video – Cultivating Jojoba’s Future?

28 Oct

Cosmetics & Toiletries CBR Directory: An excellent Resource

27 Oct


Looking for an online directory of suppliers and ingredients?  A great resource is C & T’s CBR Directory.  We have listed our ingredieients as well as a few of our formulations.  For a list of all of our formulations visit our website’s Formulation Guide.

Cosmetic Chemistry… what?

22 Oct


Unfortunately I only do marketing here at Desert Whale, so when I hear our sales representatives and chemists talk about the science behind our products and formulations… I get a little lost!

This is great summary of cosmetic chemistry, reading it has helped me put two and two together.  I recommend it to newcomers to the industry, marketing personnel such as myself, or seasoned chemists who want a refresher.

The article breaks cosmetic chemistry down into these topics: emulsions, surfactants, emollients, moisturizers, waxes, thickeners, active ingredients, sunscreens, color, preservatives.

Read the entire article here.

Another great resource for cosmetic chemist is this blog.

Looking for cosmetic formulations? Check out Desert Whale Jojoba’s Formulation guide.

CASCC (California Society of Cosmetic Chemists) Supplier’s Day: Will you be there?

20 Oct

WE WILL!  Come visit Desert Whale at booth 535.  It is going to be lots of fun and I have to admit our booth is pretty cool!


Look forward to meeting you!

2010 In-Cosmetics Asia Scheduled to be in Bangkok, Thailand

19 Oct

Despite the perception that the show would be held in South Korea, Reed Expositions announced that the show will return to Bangkok.

Read the full article here.

Bangkok, Thailand... hopefully we'll see you there in 2010

Bangkok, Thailand... hopefully we'll see you there in 2010

Apricot Kernel Oil in Cosmetics

16 Oct

Desert Whale has been a leading supplier of apricot kernel oil to the cosmetic industry for several years.  It is a unique natural emollient that Cosmetics and Toiletries mentions in the article below, read for yourself:

– Apricot kernel oil is a natural replacement for mineral oil, use of which is currently being questioned and investigated by dermatologists. It has its own distinctive texture which enhances the feel and elegance of formulations.

– Apricot kernel oil will help substantiate significant skin care claims. It’s rich in vitamin E, which helps protect cell membrane and prolongs the life of the red blood cells in the circulatory system. In addition, vitamin E is required to help the body make full use of vitamin A which plays an important role in keeping the skin clear, healthy and resistant to infection. These attributes can translate into additional benefits for products formulated to help skin retain elasticity, suppleness and clarity as it ages.

Apricot Kernel Oil is lower in saturated fat than other vegetable oils. This gives superior cold temperature stability to clear, anhydrous formulations such as bath or body oils. Use of this oil helps prevent clouding of a clear formulation during cold weather shipment and storage.

– It acts as an emollient with a relatively dry, non-greasy “feel.” It has good “slip,” smooth consistency and excellent lubricity. Its occlusive properties and abilitiy to act as a moisturizing agent by preventing excessive moisture loss through the epidermis make this oil a most desireable ingredient for many kinds of skin care products.



Apricot kernel oil is a highly unsaturated, natural emollient with excellent fragrance and color stability. It is very beneficial in skin applications because of its rapid absorption into the skin. Other attributes include its relatively dry, nongreasy feel with good slip and excellent lubricity. These properties help the skin to retain elasticity, suppleness and clarity.

Read the complete article discussing this information from Cosmetics and Toiletries.

Check out Desert Whale’s Website for more info on Apricot Kernel Oil and custom forumaltions it appears in.

Also check out Desert Whale Jojoba’s Apricot Meal.

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Global Natural Cosmetic Sales Approaching US $7 Billion

15 Oct

A recent article released from Organic Monitor states that Natural Cosmetic Sales are approaching 7 billion dollars!More and more companies are launching natural and organic lines.  Formulators are searching for natural and organic preservatives, surfactants and colorants.  The main problem with this growth is the lack of regulations or rather the lack of a clear definition as to what natural and organic really mean.

To view a list of Desert Whale’s ECOCERT or organic products, click on the links.

Read the entire article here.

Asian Cosmetics Going Greener!

14 Oct

According to Organic Monitor, Asian cosmetic companies are trying to go green and make their products more environmetally friendly and natural.  ECOCERT is also becoming more popular throughout Asia.