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Check out our updated product brochure!

27 Apr

We have a few fabulous new products.  As well as a guide that shows you which of our products are ECOCERT approved and Organic certified.

Click here to see it:  2010 Desert Whale Product Brochure.

Save the Whales Again!

26 Apr

After 25 years of commercial whaling being banned, it looks like it may soon be overturned.  Even with the ban in place Japan, Norway and Iceland have killed 35,000 whales since 1986.

With whaling legalized these numbers could dramatically increase and pose a huge threat to the long term survival of whale populations.

Please sign this petition and help put an end to this terrible piece of legislation.

Happy Earth Day from Desert Whale!

22 Apr

Happy Earth Day.

Today is a very special day for our company.  It was at Earth Day back in 1977, when the founders of our company, two avid members of the Save the Whales Campaign, began to promote jojoba in order to curb sperm whale hunting.

Promoting Jojoba at Earth Day in 1977

Since jojoba closely resembles sperm whale oil, it sparked interest in the cosmetic industry.  In 1978, Desert Whale Jojoba Company was founded to meet the demand.

We began harvesting native seed on Indian Reservations and native jojoba strands.

In 1986, Desert Whale purchased multiple farms in Arizona and one of the few companies in the world that grows and produces raw materials to the cosmetic industry.

First Jojoba Plantings

Since the beginning Desert Whale has been committed to the environment.  From recycling in the office to composting and tilling seed back into the soil on our farms, we want to ensure that the great cosmetic products our customers manufacture are pure in the bottle and clean in conscience!

For more information on our jojoba oil, jojoba derivatives and natural emollients please visit our website:

Attending In-Cosmetics Paris?

10 Apr

If you are planning on attending In-Cosmetics in Paris this April 13-15, please make sure to stop by our booth A90.

We will ne previewing our new raw material Jojoba Buttercreme as well as some new formulations including a natural body butter, natural lotion, and natural foundation.

What cosmetic formulators value the most from their ingredients supplier?

7 Apr

In a study done by they found that the four most important things to a cosmetic formulator when looking for an ingredient supplier are:

– Ideas to innovate

– Formulation Support

– Quick Sampling

– And low cost alternatives

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

At Desert Whale we try to provide all of these things.  We offer innovative new products and formulations, formulation support, competitive pricing and quick sampling.  But we are always trying to find ways to improve and make things easier for our customers.  We would love to hear what you have to say.

What is the most important to you when looking for a supplier?

Comment below and let us know!