Do you have any idea how many chemicals are going into your body?

13 May

On May 6th, the president’s cancer panel released a 200+ page report about risky chemicals in our environment.  Out of the 80,000 chemicals or so that are currently being sold in the U.S. market, only a few hundred have been proved safe.  From BPA in plastic to BHA in food  to the many cancer causing chemicals in cosmetics (Oxybenzone, Parabens, Formaldehyde), it is important that Americans start paying attention.  Consumers need to become more aware of what they are buying and manufactures need to be responsible and ensure they are offering  safe products to the market place.

For a more in depth article regarding this report please click here.

The cosmetics industry was a main concern in the report.  It is estimated that a woman may host over 515 synthetic chemicals daily as a result of her beauty routine.  See the image below from which summarizes these findings.

Research by Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, found that the average woman's daily grooming and make-up routine means she 'hosts' a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every single day.

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3 Responses to “Do you have any idea how many chemicals are going into your body?”

  1. Vivian Valenty May 14, 2010 at 6:53 PM #

    The question’s implied significance has no meaning in my opinion. Why are cosmetics being targeted for having synthetic chemicals? The same chemicals are used in prescription drugs, nutritional supplements and compounded formulations prepared in pharmacies. I don’t see these routes of exposure being mentioned.

    This article is from a research conducted by a company that manufactures “natural” deodorants, so its publication is suspect. The natural extracts and other natural ingredients being used in cosmetics should also be tested rigorously for their safety using the same tests and under the same conditions being used for synthetics. We can go even further to having a fair assessment of the ingredients’ safety by analyzing all of the components of these so called “natural” ingredients, separating them into their individual components so that we are testing the pure compounds and then compare the results with the pure synthetics.

    It is just fair to ask, “Do you know how many individual chemicals you are applying on your skin when you use natural and organic cosmetics scented with essential oils? If somebody would do a comprehensive analysis, one will find hundreds more than in the synthetic chemical based product and virtually most of them will have unknown safety. And if we test each of these using the same procedures under the same conditions as pure synthetic chemicals are tested, the controversy would be settled.

    • Desert Whale Jojoba Company May 14, 2010 at 9:11 PM #

      I agree, the cosmetic industry is not the only one in play here. But I do believe that there is a benefit to natural and organic cosmetics. And while yes, they may contain the same if not more chemicals than non-natural products, those chemicals are not carcinogenic and will not be severely detrimental to your health or well-being.

      Although there are many standards and grades of “natural”, I believe well recognized ones such as NPA or USDA Organic do help to ensure that their products are safe and free of harmful chemicals.

      I know there are many synthetic chemicals that are not bad for you. Some of them may even be beneficial, but there are several that are linked to cancer, hormonal imbalance, respiratory problems, organ damage, etc. So even though this study may be suspect, I think that is something both consumers and manufacturers need to be concerned about.

  2. Ten Digit Creations May 15, 2010 at 11:31 AM #

    I agree that it is something that everyone should be concerned about, but not something someone should post a scare tactic about. This has been a long time issue for marketing. Some companies will do anything for a sale! This includes posting articles scaring their customers into believing false pretenses about synthetic preservatives and such (not directed at Desert Whale). There is far more research and data that shows most preservatives are safe, than the non scientific opinions of numerous articles. It is simply a scare tactic to “go green” and “buy my natural product”. Well guess what, our products are natural and we use preservatives, which are derived from the earth. 95% of preservatives are safe to use in the percentage ranges recommended. This is hardly a reason to to enact all the hoopla by congress and such! Just like most other issues this should be dealt with on a single product basis and not a wide spread scare campaign!

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