Exfoliate… Naturally!

17 May

Have you heard of our Jojoba Spheres?  They are made from our Jojoba Wax and come in a variety of colors… see color chart below.  They are perfect for scrubs, cleansers, and body/facial washes.

Jojoba Sphere Colors: Baby Blue, Berry Red, Cypress Green, Carnation Pink, Desert Sand, Electric Blue, Fern Green, Iron Blue, Ice White, Jet Black, Lapiz Blue, Lagoon Green, Lush Lilac, Moody Blue, Mocha Extreme, Marine Green, Mango Madness, Mellow Yellow, Outrageous Orange, Passion Fruit, Purple Haze, Peachy Keen, Pretty Pink, Rocket Red, Silver Streak.

To view formulations with our jojoba beads please check out our Exfoliating Shower Gel with Jojoba Spheres™ and Foaming Sugar Scrub with Jojoba Glaze® – HV, Jojoba Spheres™ and Jojoba Oil.

We also have more exfoliation options:

Jojoba Butter Beads which our crushable and suitable for both leave on and rise off applications.

OFJ Spheres have the same desirable properties as their Jojoba Wax counterpart, but without the oil name. These spheres are idea for Oil Free skin and facial cleansers.

Jojoba Meal which is Jojoba seed powder ideal for gentle exfoliation.

For more information on these visit our website or email marketing@desertwhale.com.


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