5 ways to GREEN your business

5 Aug

More and more businesses are going green.  Not only does this help the environment but consumers are starting to recognize and purchase green products from green companies.  So what are you waiting for?  Here are some ways your business can go green!

1. Reduce waste – Recycle, Recycle, Recycle!  And get creative – when General Mills looked into reducing their waste they discovered that the by-product of making cheerios could be used for fuel.  General Mills now recycles 86% of its solid waste! The majority of the products Desert Whale sells are by-products of the food industry, so don’t rule out something as waste because you never know!

2. Go paperless – In this day and age communication, filing, and reading can all be done on the computer so make sure to always think before you print.

3. Reduce your carbon footprint – Especially in the cosmetic industry with so much transportation and energy costs it is important for businesses to develop a plan.  Take a step back and look at the big picture.  Exactly how big is your carbon footprint and where can you reduce it?  Maybe its a difference of changing light bulbs, company cars, or using a local warehouse.

4. Green your packaging – Especially in the cosmetic industry, so much waste is a result of packaging.  Recently Unilever repackaged containers for their Suave Shampoo, this saved the company the equivalent of 15 million bottles per year!

5. Become energy efficient – Are the light bulbs you’re using green?  Do those lights really need to be on all day?  Is your A/C programmed correctly?  Do your employees shut down their computers at night?  Little things such as this can reduce your energy use dramatically.  Get an energy audit, develop a plan, and let your employees know how they can help.


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