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Tame your tresses with Jojoba!

10 May

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Jojoba Proteins – Allergy free and a sustainable by-product!

11 Feb

If you are looking to add proteins into your hair or skin care formulation, make sure to try jojoba proteins.


Functions and Benefits:

•Plant Derived
•Film forming properties
•Improves the body, gloss and smoothness of hair
•Provides a tightening effect in skin applications
•Natural moisture retention
Check out what it can do for hair:
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The benefits of using Jojoba Oil in hair care

9 Oct

First and foremost, jojoba oil is one of the best natural moisturizers around because it is extremely similar to sebum which is an oil our skin produces.  But what does that mean for hair care?

1. Jojoba Oil is excellent for moisturizing the scalp.

2. It’s non-greasy, colorless and odorless so it won’t leave your hair looking oily and greasy.

3.  Jojoba Oil helps regulate the bodies production of sebum, therefore if you are overproducing sebum and have very oily hair, jojoba oil will help.  It also helps sebum flow into clogged up pores.

4. Develops new hair cell growth. Dry hair can lead to hair damage and hair loss.  Jojoba Oil counteracts this symptom, allowing the growth of new hair cells.

5.  Jojoba Oil imparts shine on the hair, making it look and feel more healthy.

6. Jojoba Oil moisturizes hair follicles, helping repair dry and brittle hair.

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