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Desert Whale Harvest Exceeds Expectations!

6 Oct

In a year of tight supply, Desert Whale is pleased to announce another successful jojoba harvest. In general, jojoba production in the U.S. has increased this year due to favorable growing conditions. Desert Whale has consistently supplied the highest quality jojoba and organic jojoba to the personal care industry for over 32 years. Our farms are in the process of renewing their organic certification through Quality Assurance International.


Looking for an exciting and functional raw material for your cosmetic formulation?

25 May

Look no further than Jojoba Glaze®.   Jojoba Glaze® is an anhydrous jojoba gel composed of almost entirely jojoba oil.  It is available in three different viscocities: low, high, and extreme.

It is excellent for suspending pigments like glitter, penetrating cuticles, and dissolving sunscreen ingredients.  Please check out some of our Jojoba Glaze® formulations: Long-Wearing Lipgloss with Jojoba Glaze® – EV, Foaming Sugar Scrub with Jojoba Glaze® – HV, and Soothing Nail Glaze with Jojoba Glaze® – LV.

What is Jojoba?

20 May

In the austere and unforgiving climate of the American Southwest blooms the unique Jojoba plant. Native to the arid Sonora Desert , Jojoba contains natural emollients that penetrate, moisturize and condition the skin and hair. Although Native Americans harvested Jojoba and utilized its curative properties for centuries, it wasn’t until the 1970s that scientists discovered that oil extracted from the plant could provide a natural base for cosmetic formulations.

Jojoba Seed

Although Jojoba is commonly called an oil, it is actually a liquid wax ester. As the singular botanical source for such esters, Jojoba possesses a chemical formation comprised of long chains of unbranched esters ranging from 34 to 44 carbon atoms. Jojoba’s molecular composition results in exceptional oxidative stability.

What does all of this mean? It means that Jojoba provides an unsurpassed, non-oily, and non-occlusive base for a wide range of superior personal care products. In shampoo and conditioner, Jojoba adds shine and improves the combing and manageability of hair. In lip care products, it imparts gloss, moisture and improves slip for dispersing of pigments. In hand and nail care applications, Jojoba penetrates and conditions the fingernail and cuticle.

From the seeds of the Jojoba plant come products that satisfy discriminating consumers everywhere. Whether you are a manufacturer, distributor, or retailer of fine cosmetic products, Jojoba has the qualities that are right for you.

Desert Whale offers a complete range of products derived from Jojoba. These functional ingredients originate from various parts of the jojoba seed through proprietary methods of extraction and/or processing. The first process is extraction of the oil from the Jojoba Seed. The resulting products are Jojoba Oil and Jojoba Meal. Our family of products are then produced from these two ingredients.  For more information on our products please visit

Butter up your formulations!

19 May

Desert Whale Jojoba Company has a variety of butters available.  For a description of each see below:

Jojoba Butter –  Our Jojoba Butter is non-greasy and oxidative stable.  It has a light feel when compared with shea butter.  We offer it at 2 different melting points, 35º C and 50º C.

Mango Kernel Butter – Mango Kernel Butter is a creamy butter at room temperature, with a melting point of 28 – 36C. It is rich in stearic and oleic acids, and applicable in skin and hair care formulations.

Lime Seed Butter – Lime seed oil is an excellent emollient that contains natural waxes and other fatty acids that solidify at lower temperatures, but quickly melt out at room temperature. By combining the lime seed oil with a small amount of hardened vegetable oil, we achieve a more stable and functional butter base which provides moisturization to hair and skin.

Shea Butter – Shea Butter is a superb emollient, ideal for use in products designed to smooth and replenish dry skin. It is also a stable ingredient high in Oleic and Stearic acids.

Check out some of our cosmetic butter formulations:

Moisturizing Stick with Jojoba Butter, Bronzing Blush Stick with Jojoba Butter, and Sticky Soufflé Hair Styling Putty.

Do you have any idea how many chemicals are going into your body?

13 May

On May 6th, the president’s cancer panel released a 200+ page report about risky chemicals in our environment.  Out of the 80,000 chemicals or so that are currently being sold in the U.S. market, only a few hundred have been proved safe.  From BPA in plastic to BHA in food  to the many cancer causing chemicals in cosmetics (Oxybenzone, Parabens, Formaldehyde), it is important that Americans start paying attention.  Consumers need to become more aware of what they are buying and manufactures need to be responsible and ensure they are offering  safe products to the market place.

For a more in depth article regarding this report please click here.

The cosmetics industry was a main concern in the report.  It is estimated that a woman may host over 515 synthetic chemicals daily as a result of her beauty routine.  See the image below from which summarizes these findings.

Research by Bionsen, a natural deodorant company, found that the average woman's daily grooming and make-up routine means she 'hosts' a staggering 515 different synthetic chemicals on her body every single day.

For more information about Desert Whale Jojoba’s natural, organic, and ecocert compliant products please visit our website at or email for more information.

The Growing Need for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Cosmetic Industry

12 May

Due to consumers becoming more aware of the environmental and social impacts behind the beauty products they purchase, it is becoming more and more important for personal care manufactures to put CSR at the forefront in their decision-making.

Companies are implementing CSR into their business plans in a variety of ways.  Whether it be through environmental sustainability, philanthropy, or helping women/minorities.  To read what many multi-national companies are doing please read this article by Leah Armstrong.

At Desert Whale CSR and being green have been important to us long before our company was founded back in 1978.  We want our customers to know that by using our products they support all that we do and all that we give:

Environmental Stability

– Jojoba is a sustainable plant from a renewable resource

– On our farms, no roads are paved and nothing is added to the soil that isn’t native to the environment.  Aside from all of our farms being pesticide-free, we recycle our jojoba cake to reuse on our farms.  By doing this, we reduce solid waste and replenish the soil with natural nutrients.

– In 2005, Desert Whale set aside 80 acres of land for conservation.


– Last year at Christmas time we donated to the World Wildlife Fund and helped support 8 different endangered species.

– Desert Whale invested millions of dollars in rural communities, Indian reservations and land cooperatives in Mexico.

– Desert Whale is currently donating much of it’s time and resources to help Greenpeace further their petition to help Save the Whales AGAIN. (The Obama administration plans to overturn the ban on commercial whaling at the IWC meeting in June.  Please sign the petition by clicking here.)

Helping Women/Minorities

– Desert Whale is a women-owned business

– Our farm labor force has consisted of 63% women and an average wage of 36% above the federal mi9nimum

When you use Desert Whale as a supplier you know the raw materials you get are in no way detrimental to the environment and you can be positive you are helping support our philanthropic and social efforts in a meaningful way.

For more information on Desert Whale’s sustainability efforts please contact

Jojoba Aqua Sol – Eye Makeup Remover that works and moisturizes!

5 May

One of our favorite formulations here at Desert Whale is our Gentle Makeup Remover with Jojoba Aqua Sol. As many consumers know, jojoba is excellent for makeup removal because it is affordable, natural, and it WORKS GREAT!

We encourage formulators out there to try our Jojoba Aqua Sol.    It cleanses, removes makeup, and most importantly leaves the skin feeling refreshed and moisturized.

Please e-mail for more information.