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Cosmetic advertisements and their effect on women

4 Aug

With all these beautiful, perfect images of women in magazines; it is hard for us to realize just how much of it is fake.  Research has shown that airbrushed images, when taken at face value, have had a very negative effect on the way women view themselves.

Look at this image of Madonna with and without airbrushing.  What a huge difference!  It is easy to see from images like this how unrealistic expectations for beauty are created.

In a paper supported by 44 academics of the Advertising Standards Agency, claims were made that airbrushed images encourage eating disorders and self-harm amongst girls in particular, but boys, too. While this study had a political agenda and may be a bit exaggerated; it is clear to see that airbrushed images do have a negative effect on women.  While the majority of these images are created by the cosmetic and personal care industry it is great to see companies like Dove stand up with their Campaign for Real Beauty where they have pledged to not distort any of their images to create unrealistic and unattainable ideas on beauty.  Check out one of their ads:

Natural is beautiful and we hope the cosmetic industry starts to follow the trend!