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New Lime Twist ~ A unique, functional butter

27 Jul

Lime Twist™ (Lime Seed Butter)

Desert Whale is proud to annouce our new product Lime Twist™.  To check out our brochure click here ~ Lime Twist Brochure

Citrus Aurantifolia (Lime) seed oil, pressed from the seed, is a unique emollient which contains natural waxes and rich fatty acids which provide moisturization to the skin and enhance skin protection through improved barrier function. A proprietary blend of Lime Seed Oil and vegetable wax creates an exclusive butter.  By combining a high percentage of lime seed oil with a small amount of vegetable wax, we achieve all of the benefits of lime seed oil in a more stable and functional butter base. Lime Twist™ is an ivory colored butter that is semi-solid at room temperature.


Property Benefit
High in Palmitic Acid –          Enhances the product’s stability over other fruit seed oils
Light Skin Feel –          Non-greasy

–          Silicone-like feel

Contains Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids –          Known to support tissue regeneration

–          Conditions the skin

–          Gives emollient and protective properties to skin care products

By-product of Fruit Processing Industry –          Sustainable

–          Reduces Waste

–          An important step in the up-cycling process, (up-cycling is the process of using all of a material which otherwise would be considered waste)